Verizon Activation Fee Waiver | How to Get It and Save Money

Verizon Activation Fee Waiver

Verizon’s service is very good and famous due to which everyone wants to take this service. To use Verizon’s services you have to check in on their website. If you want to change this service, you can use the nearest Verizon outlet. You will need to pay a one-time activation fee in addition to the cost of the plan at the store.

Verizon may waive the activation fee but for that, you will need to contact the Customer Retention department and ask to waive your fee. You must switch to an alternate benefit provider that may have offered to waive some service fees to Quick Verizon to waive your activation fee.

How to Waive the Activation Fee?

How to Waive the Activation Fee?

Since the activation fee is the same for all customers, competitors fear losing customers and in an effort to prevent this, Verizon has been known to waive the activation fee. Many users have also informed and confirmed this on social media and forums. All it takes is one phone buzz to Verizon’s retention division and some confidence.

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Contact Verizon’s Customer Retention Department:

Contact Verizon's Customer Retention Department

We can’t contact Verizon’s retention division directly, but you can contact client support and let them know there’s a problem with the activation fee. You need to check what other service providers offer, as this will help you a lot in subscribing.

You have to tell them that you’ve looked at alternative service providers, and the competition is more attractive with Verizon’s activation fee. Whenever you do this, they directly transfer your call to their customer retention division. All you have to do is claim in good faith that other providers offer similar services without activation fees.

Retention departments always offer an alternative solution or discount to retain you. In most cases, they waive the activation fee and ask no questions. If you are a long-term customer and can activate a second SIM card, they will need to tell you so. The activation fee is more likely to be waived for an old customer than a new one.

Start Verizon Services Online:

Start Verizon Services Online

If you don’t contact the retention division, you can still get a waiver on the activation fee. You get a discount when you activate a new phone online instead of going to a Verizon store. The same is true when upgrading a phone, as activating it online halves the upgrade fee.

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Use Your Device:

If you don’t want to do any talking with Verizon, you’ll need to get a link as part of the Bring Your Own Appliance activation plan. If you have a more aged phone without a SIM, you’ll need to start it at a Verizon store. You can buy a renewed device from online retailers or straight from Verizon, but with no money-back option, you’ll have to pay the full cost.

The real advantage of this is that if you spend more than your target the activation fee is waived as the device is at full cost. Additionally, the BYOD Activation Plan entitles users to gift cards from Verizon. If the equipment is returned within the contract period of one year. You will accept a chargeback of the amount paid on the subsequent invoice.

Verizon Charges an Activation Fee:

Like all businesses, Verizon has additional costs associated with customer service and retention. Verizon is involved in providing the network infrastructure, maintaining support staff, data centers, and transmission towers. Fees such as service charges help institutions keep client support services running smoothly. You’ll benefit from having the activation fee waived, so don’t hesitate to talk to Verizon about a better offer for you.

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Verizon Equipment Purchase Fee That Can Be Waived:

In addition to the activation fee, Verizon also has a device purchase fee. Users have indicated that they were unaware of such charges as they will know when their bill is generated. This fee is added to the bill if you are on a Verizon ‘equipment payment plan’. Equipment purchase fees are not waived. Verizon charges a restocking fee for devices returned within the one-month return period.

Always Remember This Point:

Always Remember This Point

As a customer who has managed to waive the activation fee for three connections, it’s worth the compromise. When speaking with Verizon’s customer support, you should speak in a confident and firm tone that will not let them talk you into an alternate discount. Before contacting them it is important to apprehend what a customer service representative can do. They are bound by the policies of the company. Getting your activation fee waived is easy.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Does Verizon Waive Activation Fees?

When you have an offer, sometimes it’s better to let it go. Verizon has recently restructured activation fees to promote self-service and has reduced its fees by 50%. That is only if you improve yourself. In addition, if you call to request a fee waiver, you will receive a maximum of half the waiver to match the digital option.

Can Cell Phone Companies Waive Activation Fees?

There is a reason for charging this fee and it is because it can be a good option to reimburse the company’s expenses. Activation fees from wireless carriers can typically range from $20-$60. But often when signing up for a cell phone plan online, it can be waived.

What Does Verizon Charge to Activate an Unlocked Phone?

Some people with compatible devices from other carriers may still need to unlock their phones before they can activate them. But all you have to do is call your previous carrier and they will take care of it.

What Is the Cost of Activation Verizon?

So you can get this fee waived, but for that, you have to do some negotiation by contacting the customer retention department. You’re charged a $35 fee for this when you join the Verizon network or upgrade a device.

Does Best Buy Charge an Activation Fee for Verizon?

So the answer is yes Verizon always charges activation fees for items purchased on Best Buy.

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