What is a Motion Sensor? | Types of Motion Sensor

Types of Motion Sensor

The first motion sensor was invented by Samuel Bango in 1950. Who was given a burglary alarm? This applies to the basics of radar ultrasonic and the frequency of noticing a fire or robber that humans cannot hear. The Samuel Motion Sensor works on the principle of the “Doppler effect.” The currently used motion sensor works on the principle of Samuel Bango’s detector.

Microwaves and infrared sensors were used to detect motion by changing the frequencies generated from it. To understand the workings of motion sensors, you first need to know the workings of the camera. The camera uses image sensors and directs light from the lens. When the light falls on the image sensor, each pixel records how much light it receives. That outline of light to a dark area in pixels becomes a complete video image.

Motion sensors are applied for safety. These sensors are used in offices, banks, shopping malls, etc. Existing motion detectors can prevent serious accidents by locating the ones closest to the sensor. We can monitor motion detectors in public places. The main part of the motion detector circuit is the dual IR reflective sensor. In today’s article, we will see what motion sensors are and how many types of motion sensors.

What is a Motion Sensor?

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor is a device that notices moving objects, especially humans. Motion sensors are frequently included as a component of the system. Which works properly and regularly. Or warn the user of the speed of the region. These sensors are a very important component of security, energy control, energy efficiency, automatic lighting control, and other auxiliary systems.

The main principle of the motion sensor is to understand burglary, and it sends a warning to the control panel. Which alerts our monitoring system. Motion sensors respond in a variety of conditions. Movements in your living room, such as doors and windows, can be unbolted or closed, and these sensors can too.

  • Energy can be saved by using this sensor lighting on empty space.
  • This activates the doorbell when any man comes in front of the door.
  • This sensor alerts you when children enter some restricted area of ​​the home, such as a medicine cabinet, basement, or workout room.

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Types of Motion Sensors:

There are many types of sensors available in the market, some of which are as follows:

Sr. No. Motion Sensor Types
#1. Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor
#2. Ultrasonic Sensor
#3. Microwave Sensor
#4. Tomographic Sensor
#5. Combined types of Motion Sensors

#1. Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor:

What is a Motion Sensor | Types of Motion Sensor

IR radiation is produced by all warm-blooded animals or humans. The passive infrared sensor consists of thin pyroelectric film material. Which response to IR radiation by generating electricity. This sensor will activate a burglar alarm whenever there is a flow of electricity. These sensors are inexpensive in cost and use less energy. And keeps working forever. These sensors are widely used as indoor alarms.

#2. Ultrasonic Sensor:

What is a Motion Sensor | Types of Motion Sensor

Ultrasonic sensors can be active or passive. Where the inactive person pays attention to special sounds like breaking metal or glass. These sensors are very sensitive. But they are also expensive and have the potential for fake alarms. Active people generate ultrasonic wave (sound wave) pulses. And then, the reflection of this wave is determined by the distance from a moving object.

Animals like cats, dogs, and fish can hear this sound wave. , So active ultrasonic alarms can make them uncontrollable.

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#3. Microwave Sensor:

What is a Motion Sensor | Types of Motion Sensor

The microwave sensor generates pulses and then calculates the reflection of the object. So it is known whether the object is moving or not. These sensors are very sensitive but can sometimes be seen in a non-metallic object.

Which can detect moving objects from outside the target range. This uses excess electricity. That is why these sensors are designed to be turned on and off frequently. It is possible to achieve this in the past if you know the cycle. Electronic guard dogs use microwave sensors.

#4. Tomographic Sensor:

What is a Motion Sensor | Types of Motion Sensor

These sensors generate a radio wave and detect when the wave has been in trouble. It can be matted through the wall and the object. And often placed in such a way that it can be made clean. This covers a large area.

Due to the high cost of these sensors, they are especially used in warehouses, storage units, and other situations. Such as the need for a professional level of security.

#5. Combined Types of Motion Sensors:

What is a Motion Sensor | Types of Motion Sensor

Some motion detector sensors mix with some sensors to reduce fake alarms. But dual sensors are activated only when both types of sensors experience motion. For example, a dual microwave or PIR sensor will be started at a passive infrared sensor setting, as it consumes less energy.

The microwave section will be turned on when the inactive infrared sensor trips, then the alarm will sound if the rest of the sensor also trips. This combined type of sensor is beneficial when it comes to detecting fake alarms but takes into account the possibility of real missing.

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