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Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the similarities and differences between batteries and capacitors. So what are the similarities like we have seen before?

Battery and Capacitor similarity:

1. Electrical energy is collected in both battery and capacitor.

This means that electrical energy is stored in batteries and capacitors. But it is said that the electrical charge in the capacitor is stored. But the arrival is totally wrong just to let us know that whether it is a capacitor or a battery, only electrical energy is stored.

2. Battery and capacitor This creates a potential difference in the electrical circuit.

What is the Potential Difference:

Let us try to understand this in the simplest language. As we know, any small battery has 2 terminals, 1 positive, and the other negative. Now let us assume for understanding that if we have a 9V battery then it is 9V in the positive point and 0V in the negative point. So now friends, we can easily connect the 9th load bulb.

Doing so creates a potential difference in our circuit. Let us understand how we connect the LED bulb to the end of 9V at a time while connecting the other end to the (-) point. By doing such action the distance created between the two wires is called a potential difference in electrical language.

Remember Friend capacitor and battery both make potential differences in the electrical circuits.

Difference between Battery and Capacitor:

1. Release of Energy:

As I told you at the outset, capacitors and batteries combine electrical energy. This is their similarity. But this energy leaves both in different ways. This means that it sends in the circuit. For example, if we assume that there is a 12V battery, we will provide 12V power for a very long time, which means that the battery is slowly releasing electrical energy.

Now if we do the same thing for a capacitor, it sends all its energy into the circuit at once. Generally, we cannot use it as a battery.

2. Amount of Energy Store:

Energy storage in batteries and capacitors vary in their capacity. Inside the capacitor, we cannot contain more energy. But that doesn’t happen in batteries. It is possible to store electrical energy in very large quantities.


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