Does Onn TV Have Bluetooth | The Definitive Guide

Does Onn TV Have Bluetooth

In today’s age, TV is a great entertainment tool. There is a huge and wide range of cheap and good TVs in the market today, which include various features.

One of the best features of this is Before Bluetooth, a cable was used to connect any device to the TV. Now that Bluetooth has not come to its place, a lot of work has become easier.

With the help of Bluetooth, you can connect other devices like a soundbar, mouse, keyboard, and game console to your smart tv. It simply means that you can download any mobile or remote app and connect it to your smart tv and use it.

Today Onn is the market cheap and good tv. So the question in your mind will be whether this Onn tv has a Bluetooth facility or not. The simple answer for you is that Bluetooth is not included in every Onn available in the market. Read our article today to find out if your Onn has Bluetooth and if so, how to connect it to your device.

Does the Onn TV have Bluetooth?

Onn TV have Bluetooth?

Quick Answer:

Not all Onn TVs currently in the market include inbuilt Bluetooth. You can only pair it with Roku brand devices at present. However, this may be the only relationship that will be added in the future. Currently, you need to use a different method to connect your Bluetooth device to Onn.

Does ONN Roku TV have Bluetooth?

As I told you earlier not every Onn tv includes inbuilt Bluetooth. But most Onn Roku TVs include inbuilt Bluetooth. This Onn Roku Smart TV is equipped with features like HDMI, Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet.

Most of the Onn Roku smart tv has inbuilt Bluetooth but if there is no Bluetooth you can connect your device to the Onn Roku tv using other options like HDMI, Wi-Fi, and USB instead.

Bluetooth LE is included in the Vizio TV, while on the contrary, the Roku TV is marketed along with the regular TV. This simply means you can connect high-powered devices like soundbars directly to your TV via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth LE and regular Bluetooth use the same radio frequency. Power consumption is the main difference between the two. Bluetooth LE uses reduced power consumption than regular Bluetooth while maintaining the same communication range.

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How to Know If Your Onn TV Has Bluetooth?

How to Know If Your Onn TV Has Bluetooth?

If you don’t know if your Onn tv has Bluetooth or not then no need to worry, here we have given a way to know if your Onn tv is Bluetooth easily.

Check Your TV Manually:

One of the best ways to check if your Onn tv has Bluetooth included and to be sure is to check the tv manual. The manual also mentions whether your TV supports Bluetooth and if so, the type of Bluetooth and other information related to your TV. If you don’t have a TV manual then don’t worry you can use another method given below.

Search the Internet Based on the TV Model:

In today’s time, all information can be found on the internet. You can visit the official website of your TV, and enter the TV model for all the information about your TV. Where you will get all the information easily. Apart from this, you can also take the help of well-known and reputed tech websites.

Check Your Onn TV:

This is also a way to check if your Onn tv has Bluetooth, you can find it in the tv settings. To check in this way first you take the Onn tv remote. Now press the remote setting button. Then keep scrolling down until you see the Remote and Accessories section. Click on this section when found. Now if you see the option to connect to a Bluetooth device in this section then it means that Bluetooth is included in your Onn.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Onn Roku TV?

You can enable Bluetooth on ONN Roku TV using the steps below.

  • First of all turn on your Onn Roku TV.
  • Now you take the remote.
  • Now select the setting option using the remote.
  • Then you have to scroll to the ‘Network and Connections’ option on the menu.
  • Now click on Bluetooth and turn it on.

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How to Pair Bluetooth Device with Onn Roku TV?

How to Pair Bluetooth Device with Onn Roku TV?

You can use the steps below to connect your Soundbar, Headphones, Tablets Game Controller, or any other device with ONN Roku TV

  • First of all turn on your Onn Roku TV.
  • Now you take the remote.
  • Now select the setting option using the remote.
  • Then you have to select the new device pair.
  • Now scroll down and select ‘Bluetooth device’.
  • Select your desired Bluetooth name and press ok.
  • If you’re using a voice remote, just say ‘Launch Bluetooth’ to start the Bluetooth pairing setup.
  • Find your device’s Bluetooth name, and click on it to complete the pairing process.

What Can You Do If Your TV Has Bluetooth?

If you have Bluetooth on your Onn, you can get a lot of benefits from it. Just like you can connect the Soundbar to the TV, you can also connect Bluetooth headphones.

Thanks to these headphones, you can entertain yourself in the room without disturbing anyone in their work. Another benefit of Bluetooth is that it can help reduce wire clutter. If you go with wire, it can look a lot worse.

Connecting your TV with Bluetooth can make the TV area clean and tidy, and you can easily connect with your headphones and listen to your TV sound in better quality.

Other Ways to Connect the Device to Onn Roku TV:

If your Onn Roku tv doesn’t have Bluetooth then don’t worry you can connect your device to Onn Roku tv in other ways too. For which you can use HDMI cable. For instance, you can use an HDMI console to connect your game console to your ONN TV. Other options available are the audio output port. You can choose a Bluetooth audio adapter as an alternative to built-in Bluetooth.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Get Bluetooth on My Onn TV?

Not all Onn TVs currently available in the market include Bluetooth. Currently, you can only connect it to Roku brand devices.

Does Onn Have Bluetooth?

To pair your wireless speaker, headphones, or earbuds with Android mobile, check that Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile and then put the Onn device into pairing mode. Now you have to do something like this in mobile Open Settings > Connected devices > Add a new device.

How Do I Turn on Bluetooth on the TV?

First of all, you go to the settings of the TV and now select the sound option. Then select Sound Output. Now if you see Bluetooth Speaker List option, your TV supports Bluetooth.

Do All Roku Tvs Have Bluetooth?

Roku media streamers and Roku TVs like the TCL 6-Series Roku TV don’t have Bluetooth, but they still let you listen to what you’re watching wirelessly.

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