Roku Airplay Not Working? | Try These Fixes!

Roku Airplay Not Working

When it comes to having an endless app at your fingertips, there are only a few devices out there that can beat the Roku system. To add even more versatility, many Roku devices are capable of supporting airplay. But what do you do when this feature suddenly stops working?

If your Roku Airplay is Not Working either, make sure your TV is running the latest Roku OS, all devices are connected to the same network, restart both devices, and check that Roku device Airplay is not turned off. Fast and Effective Solutions.

When it comes to viewing content, many individuals choose to make as many choices as possible to keep their entertainment options fresh and personal. Roku allows users to customize their TV experience, and when AirPlay is added to this mix, the possibilities are endless.

AirPlay makes it possible for Roku users to reflect the screen of other smart devices directly on their Roku devices in seconds, but if this feature doesn’t work for you, keep reading.

Fixing Airplay Code Not Appearing on Roku TV

AirPlay Code Not Showing On Roku TV

When using AirPlay on an Apple device with your Roku TV, it will open whatever content you want to reflect, select the AirPlay option on your Apple device and display a code on the screen of your Roku TV that will be input into you.

Device to complete the connection. This should take a few seconds, but without the code, AirPlay will not start. If no code appears on your Roku TV when trying to use AirPlay. So what should you do?

If the airplay code does not appear on your Roku TV, too, you need to check that your TV is running on either Roku OS 9.4 or Roku OS 10.0. Depending on which model the TV is. You have to take some such steps to check the update of any software. Go to ‘Settings>’ System> ‘System Update’> and check for any updates.

If you have a Roku TV with an Axxxx, Cxxx, CxxGB, or 7xxx model, it will need a Roku 9.4 or higher update to support AirPlay. If you also have a TV model, Dxxxx or 8xxxx, it will have to run on Roku 10.0 or higher to support the feature.

If you see that your particular model has been updated and the code still does not appear on your screen, check that you have selected the appropriate device when prompted to connect to your Apple device.

You also want to ensure you have the correct setting on your Roku TV set. Because this is what will suit the seamless airplay experience. Go to AirPlay settings on your Roku TV and check to make sure AirPlay is turned on; read the required code “First Time First” that the subtitle is set to “Captioning,” and about that. It is set to “AirPlay.” As well as if this reads something different on your TV. So change it to see if this solves your problem.

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How to Fix AirPlay Not Detecting Roku?

AirPlay Not Detecting Roku/Roku TV Not Popping Up

As mentioned earlier, when you use AirPlay on any Apple device, you have to choose that device. In which you are trying to mirror. If you have a Roku TV, this means that once you’ve started the process of trying AirPlay, you’ll be prompted to select another device for connection, be asked for the AirPlay code that displays the TV, and then Your screen will be mirrored. However, some Roku TV owners have a problem with AirPlay not finding their TV at all.

If your AirPlay can’t detect Roku or your Roku TV doesn’t pop up on your Apple device, it may be that your devices are not connected to the same network. If one device runs on a different network than the other, the connection will not be made, and your Roku TV will not be detected.

To check which network your device is connected to, you must take some such steps. For Roku TV, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control and go to> ‘Settings’>’ Network “> ‘About,’ and you will be shown the network’s name.

You are connected. On your Apple device, go to your settings ( This process will be slightly different depending on the Apple product you are using) and verify that your device is connected to the same device as your Roku TV.

Once you have both devices running on the same network, try again to see if AirPlay will detect Roku when you try to use it from your Apple device. If you still can’t see your Roku TV on your Apple device while trying to use AirPlay, try turning off your TV and your Apple device. Restart each of them and allow both to reboot fully before attempting to use AirPlay again.

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AirPlay Not Showing Video on Roku: What to Do?

AirPlay Not Playing On Roku/AirPlay On Roku Not Showing Video

You can connect your Roku TV to your Apple device with AirPlay without a single error, which is great regarding how easy the process should be. Although many users have found that they can connect and mirror their screen using AirPlay, once their devices are synced, the video they are trying to display is not playing, or not visible at all, so what could happen?

If AirPlay is not working on your Roku TV or no video via AirPlay is showing, try restarting both devices. To restart your Roku TV, unplug it directly from its power source and let it rest for at least 2 minutes before plugging it back in. For your Apple device, turn it off and on again.

Once you’ve restarted both your TV and your Apple device, try again to see if you’re able to use your AirPlay. By restarting your devices, any small bugs or internal issues can be easily fixed.

This can be a quick solution for those who are having trouble watching videos on their Roku TV while trying to use AirPlay. If you cannot play the selected video on your Roku TV, make sure you do not pause the video on your Apple device.

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AirPlay Not Connecting to Roku: How to Fix the Issue

AirPlay Not Connecting to Roku

When all the components are working as they should, connecting your Roku device to AirPlay should be a process that takes less than a minute, then whatever content you choose on whatever content you choose. You’re on your way to reflecting.

To do this, however, it is essential to have a connection from an Apple device that supports AirPlay with a Roku device that also supports AirPlay. So, what do you do when AirPlay doesn’t connect?

If your AirPlay doesn’t connect to your Roku device, check to make sure AirPlay isn’t accidentally turned off in your Roku device. To do this, you have to take something like this step. Go to ‘Settings’> ‘Apple AirPlay and HomeKit’> and once you see ‘AirPlay,’ make sure it is set to ‘On’ so that the connection is possible.

If you see that this setting has been turned on in your Roku device, you need to check that your Roku device has been updated with the latest software. (See the previous section entitled “AirPlay Code Showing On Roku” to see which software some devices require.) You must also determine if your Apple device has been updated with the latest software. Which can be found in “Settings.”

Once you’ve updated both devices or made sure the devices are updated with the latest firmware, you may still have trouble connecting your Roku device to AirPlay. If this is the case, your device may not be connected to the same network.

To use AirPlay on an Apple device with your Roku device, it must be both connected and running on the same network to pair and reflect successfully.

Tips to Fix Roku AirPlay Music Not Working

Roku AirPlay Music Not Working

Owners of Apple and Roku can only play any video they want from the Apple device on their TV screen. But they are also able to reflect the music, expanding the possibilities when it comes to entertainment with Roku.

If you are trying to play music using AirPlay with your Roku device, the sound should be loud and clear. If the music doesn’t work with your Roku device while using AirPlay, keep reading for what you can do here.

If Roku AirPlay music doesn’t work, make sure you are close to your Roku device to make the necessary strong connections. If you are too far away from the Roku device, either the connection will waver or shut down altogether, causing the music to stop playing and working properly.

If you’re trying to play music using AirPlay with your Roku device and you have an easily portable Apple device, it may be tempting to try to get away while the music is playing.

If you are using an iPhone, it can be very easy to walk too far away from the Roku device playing music from your phone, and when that happens, the connection will be broken, and the music will stop working.

One last thing to remember when playing music on your Roku device via AirPlay is to ensure that you have unmuted all your devices and continue to a level that can be heard.

If you’re using the iPhone for AirPlay, make sure you have the mute button switched up and you also have the volume level turned on. With your Roku device, check to make sure nothing is accidentally muted and that all soundbars continue to a reasonable level.

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How to Resolve Roku AirPlay Volume Not Working?

Roku AirPlay Volume Not Working

When trying to play a specific set using AirPlay with a Roku device, the problem is that the volume doesn’t work as well as the problem that the music doesn’t work. However, video and pictures are important aspects of the functionality of AirPlay and Roku devices.

Volume is just as important if you are doing anything other than scrolling through pictures. If the volume doesn’t work on your Roku TV when using AirPlay, read on to see what can be done.

If the volume on your Roku doesn’t work when using AirPlay, check that not all devices are suddenly muted. If this happens and you are using the soundbar with your Roku device, check that all the wires are laid safely and properly, and in good condition without any damage.

If you find all devices have the volume on and any Roku device with a soundbar has no stability issues with its wire, try turning off both devices. Please turn off your TV first and allow it to turn off completely before turning it on again.

You’ll need to turn off your Apple device, wait for it to power drain, then turn it back on and try working volume before trying again to use AirPlay.

Why Does Roku Airplay Keep Disconnecting?

Roku AirPlay Keeps Disconnecting

You will now be able to connect your Apple device to your Roku device without encountering any code issues, video hiccups, or volume condoms without detecting the problem, which may make you think that there are potential problems while using this feature. Has been avoided.

While this would be nice worldwide, some using Apple and Roku have found that AirPlay keeps disconnecting them without giving them any kind of signal, but why?

If Roku AirPlay continues to disconnect, make sure your Apple device has both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. If you have recently installed a software update on your Apple device, these features may be turned off, which may be the reason for the constant disconnect from your Roku device.

If you notice that AirPlay is disconnected while you are trying to play a video, it may be that the resolution is too high to support your network.

So you will need to change the resolution from 1080P to 720p manually. By lowering the resolution, you’ll be able to easily play video without having to worry about being able to handle the content being thrown on your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I AirPlay to my Roku TV?

AirPlay relies exclusively on WiFi, so if you’re having problems with network connectivity, this could be why your AirPlay doesn’t work with your rookie. Apple suggests that you ensure your AirPlay devices are in line with each other and check that these two devices are their latest.

How do I enable AirPlay on Roku?

Set up AirPlay on Roku:

  • Go to “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.” Melanie Weir/Insider.
  • Set AirPlay to “On.” Melanie Weir/Insider.
  • On Spotify, tap the “Devices” icon.
  • Tap on “Airplay or Bluetooth.”
  • Tap on the name of your TV.
  • Tap the “Share” button.
  • Scroll down and tap “Airplay.”
  • Tap the airplay button at the bottom of the screen.

Why won’t my iPhone screen mirror my Roku TV?

You have to take something like this to mirror your Roku TV. On your Roku, go to Settings> System> Screen Mirroring. Under screen mirroring mode, check that either Prompt or Always Allow is selected, as indicated by the checkmark. If your iPhone can’t connect, check screen mirroring devices for possible blocked devices. Always review the list under the Blocked Devices section.

Why does AirPlay keep disconnecting from Roku?

If Roku AirPlay continues to disconnect, make sure your Apple device has both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. If you have recently installed a software update on your Apple device, these features may be turned off, which may be the reason for the constant disconnect from your Roku device.

How do I activate AirPlay?

Make sure the AirPlay setting is on:

  • On the TV remote control, press the (select input) button and then select (airplay).
  • Select AirPlay and HomeKit settings and turn on AirPlay.

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