Difference Between Transmission Line And Distribution Line

Hello friends, in today’s article, we will see the difference between the transmission line and the distribution line and what it does.

What is Transmission Line?

The main function of the transmission is to reach the power plant to the electrical substation.

What is Transmission Line

As we know that 11KV voltage is generated in the power plant, and it must be carried up to 220KV through the step-UP transformer in the power station. From there, it is taken to the substation.

Remember, friends; we have not talked about giving power to the customer yet. Haji has only come from the main power station to the substation with the help of the transmission line.

What is the Distribution Line?

Friends, if we talk about the distribution line, it has been used to distribute the power supply in a separate space.


Example: As we live in a village or a city, the electricity generated in a power plant is brought to a nearby substation with the help of a transmission line. Now, this electricity is distributed in our house or in a small or big company with the help of a distribution line. The power in the substation is stepped down as per our requirement.

Difference Between Transmission Line And Distribution Line:

Difference Between Transmission Line And Distribution Line

Basic  Transmission line  Distribution Line 
Usage The transmission line carries electricity from the power plant to the substation. The distribution line carries power from the substation to the customer’s home.
Phase Only 3 phase supply system is used to carry that electricity In this, only 1 phase supply system has been used to conduct electricity
Voltage Leval Carries a very high amount of electricity, approximately 11Kv Carries electricity as low as 220V and conducts safely.
Current conduction level Its current operation is more than 69kv This is used for handling less than 69kv.
Wire system It always uses a 3-wire system with only 3 phase wire in this system, only 4 wires are always used, 3 phases and the neutral wire
Insulation This line does not show any kind of insulation across the wire Insulation is always used in this line

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