Best App for Electricians

Best Electrician App

In today’s modern age, many electrician brothers have in their pockets a number of applications for electrician service in the market for the safety of the customer and, fortunately, to speed up the process of quick decision-making in the field, which can solve even the most difficult problem in calculation through mobile.

In today’s article, we will make a list of the ten most apps for electricians that can be very useful to increase the efficiency of your company in the field and office.

Best Apps for Electrical Contractors:

The following is a list of the best and most popular applications for Electrical Contractor:

Sr. No. Best Apps for Electrical Contractors
1. Route4Me Route Planner
2. QuickBooks
3. Video Conferencing Apps
4. Master Electrician Reference
5. Electrical Engineering Dictionary
6. Ugly’s Electrical References
7. ElectroDroid PRO
8. eTools Lite
9. Every circuit
10. Electromagnetic Detector EMF/Ultimate EMF Detector

Best Electrician App:

The following is a list of the best electrician apps:

Sr. No. Best Electrician App
1. Route4Me Route Planner
2. QuickBooks
3. Video Conferencing Apps
4. Master Electrician Reference
5. Electrical Engineering Dictionary
6. Ugly’s Electrical References
7. ElectroDroid PRO
8. eTools Lite
9. Every circuit
10. Electromagnetic Detector EMF/Ultimate EMF Detector

1. Route4Me Route Planner:

Route4Me Route Planner

Often our electrician brothers provide their service even in a remote area of ​​the city, and at such a time, it is not possible for you to go to many places if the service is coming from all corners of the city. Such a problem is found with many electricians. This gives an idea of ​​how important and challenging, efficient route planning can be.

An application called Route4Me makes our problem much easier to solve such problems. Route4Me This app automates the whole process, making it easy for our Electrician brothers and their team to plan the best routes for everyday work.

In this simple application, just load the stop of your service or service and add how many members are in each team, then press the button named Optimize. This application automatically detects the most efficient division of stops between each team member and prepares the fastest route chart for each technician.

The best thing about this application is that it completes all the processes mentioned above in just 10 seconds, even if the number of your team is not large. Last-minute service requests? Never mind, Rescheduled appointment? It’s easy with Route4Me.

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2. QuickBooks:


When it comes to small business accounting software, QuickBooks is hard to beat. The QuickBooks mobile app, in particular, ranks among the best apps for electricians, as it allows the tech to invoice customers and get travel expenses.

The peculiarity of this software is that it allows users to integrate directly with Servicetitan software. It makes it painless to stay on top of your finances. Instead of manually importing your accounting data, this app updates all transactions booked by your tech in the field, allowing for optimal financial visibility for your office staff. It’s just a no-brainer.

3. Video Conferencing Apps:

Video Conferencing Apps

As modern-day large developed companies tend toward remote work and communication, apps such as GoToMeeting, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and other similar video conferencing services are becoming increasingly compatible with electrician brothers and other home-related services.

We electrician brothers use facetime. Chris Walton, the owner of CW Electrical Services in Pittsburgh, says: “We’re still navigating the best way to get everyone in one room. It is very easy with the office staff. We also use GoToMeeting. With an electrician, it’s just to meet in a group chat or call them in person.”

4. Master Electrician Reference:

Master Electrician Reference

Many Electrician brothers and contractor friends consider this app to be one of the best. This application is widely used by engineers, mechanics, and electricians. This app is designed for professionals who do residential, commercial, and industrial work.

This app provides us with a wealth of information in the form of a service with comprehensive and clearly designed formulas, tables, charts, and pictures. Its simple search functionality makes it easy to find the fact you want without having to thumb through irrelevant information pages. Also included is a scientific calculator that allows you to apply the on-page formula directly instead of doing manual additions.

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5. Electrical Engineering Dictionary:

Electrical Engineering Dictionary

The Electrical Engineering Dictionary is one of the best free applications for electricians when it comes to MER contextual purposes when it comes to electrical terminology, calculations, and more.

This app has over 3000 terms divided into different categories. This electrician service app covers concepts ranging from application units and measurements to standardized protocols to specialized devices and materials.

A unique component of this application is its quiz feature which tests your familiarity with industry-related technology terms. Essentially the app gives you a definition or a sentence. Introduces four multiple-choice options after the blanks. For each correct answer, the app gives you a point.

You can also choose from a variety of quizzes such as “Brain Buster” and “Do or Die” —and adjust the total number of questions in each quiz. This is a great way to test your knowledge in the field of Electrical.

6. Ugly’s Electrical References:

Ugly’s Electrical References

In this application, you have at least 12 calculators, video tutorials, and more features related to electrician service. It offers HD images and interactive tables, allowing the user to zoom in for better detail.

Other features of this app include Ohm’s rule calculator, NEMA wiring configuration, and conversion for the area, length, temperature, time, volume, and weight. You can also refer to the Electrical References ebook of ugly through this application.

7. ElectroDroid PRO:

ElectroDroid PRO

Electrician friends often need to do complex calculations on their site. In the past, they consulted guides in multiple different contexts, then punched the formula manually into a scientific calculator. This time-consuming and cumbersome process has greatly increased the risk of human error.

Today, every electrician friend needs to use a smart mobile that works more efficiently using Android and iOS apps, such as ElectroDroid PRO. ElectroDroid ranks among the best applications for electricians as the most installed and comprehensive electrical calculator application in the market, as it includes a powerful suite of tools and calculators for all types of electronic applications.

The main features of this application are as follows:

  • Voltage dividers.
  • Decibel converter.
  • Frequency converter.
  • Capacitor charge calculator.
  • Resistor ratios.

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8. eTools Lite:

The app store prefers eTools Lite for a wide range of references available, including their easy-to-use format and chip resistor code, capacitor value, voltage divider, frequency converter, and other features.

If you want to know more about the application, this application is a good one-stop shop for electricians who are electricians and are looking for a good application that helps with calculation as well as other reference material. The user-friendly format and versatility of this app make it a solid choice among free apps for electricians.

9. Everycircuit:


The tagline of this application simply explains the information about it “Circuit is better animated.” This not only simplifies prototype, testing, and debug circuits through the electrician service but also allows visualization of how each component of the circuit works.

Let us understand this with an example. If you switch on AC mode, the app periodically displays sinusoidal voltage and current phase, which gives you an instinctive “sense” when someone turns on a given lightbulb compared to the activation of other components in the circuit.

At any time, you can also adjust the different circuit parameters while running the simulation and see the effect on the circuit in real-time. Together with this resistive touchscreen interface, it almost feels like you are making a circuit by hand.

10. Electromagnetic Detector EMF/Ultimate EMF Detector:

This app for electricians is designed to detect EMF radiation for free. Although not at the same level of accuracy and versatility as commercial EMF meters, this electrical application can be a convenient tool for quick surveys. They are quite reliable in detecting EMF spikes when you are moving around the house.

It is important to understand that ios and Android versions work differently. The iOS app uses your smart mobile’s radio frequency communication capabilities to determine when your phone selects other radio frequencies different from its own and then displays the correct reading. Unlike the iOS app, the Android app uses the same magnetic sensor on your phone to display the readings of the magnetic fields around its digital compass.

Note: Older Android models without magnetic sensors are not able to show any reading.

App for Plumbers and Electricians:

The following is a list of the best applications for plumbers and electricians:

Sr. No. Best Applications for Plumbers and Electricians
1. Video Conferencing Apps for Plumbers
2. QuickBooks for Plumbers
3. Route4Me Route Planner
4. Plumbing Formulator
5. Pipe Trades Pro
6. Electrical Wiring Lite/Electrical Wiring Pro
7. Plumbing Systems Design Tables
8. Copper Tube Handbook
9. Pipe and Fitting
10. EasyMeasure

Best Electrical Estimating App:

The following is a list of Electrical Estimating App:

  • TurboBid.
  • Viewpoint.
  • Vision InfoSoft.
  • McCormick.
  • Accubid.
  • Intellibid.

Best Electrical Work App:

The following is a list of electrical work apps:

  • ServiceTitan Mobile.
  • Route4Me Route Planner.
  • QuickBooks.
  • Video Conferencing apps.
  • Master Electrician Reference.
  • Electrical Engineering Dictionary.
  • Ugly’s Electrical References.
  • ElectroDroid PRO.
  • eTools Lite.
  • EveryCircuit.

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Best Apps for Electrical Work:

Top 10 Best Apps For Electricians To Use On The Job:

  • Workiz Electrician App.
  • Connecteam.
  • Quickbooks Accounting.
  • Master Electrician Reference.
  • Electrical Calc Elite.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Electrodroid.
  • The Home Depot Pro App.
  • Every Circuit.
  • Energy Cost Calculator.

Electrical Apps for iPhone:

The following is a list of Electrical apps for iPhone:

  • IEEE Mobile App.
  • MyXplore.
  • SPIE Conferences and Exhibitions App.
  • Electronics Engineering ToolKit.
  • Ohm’s Law Calculator.
  • Electronic Toolbox Pro.
  • iCircuit.

Free Electrical Estimating App:

The following is a list of Free Electrical Estimating App:

  • Contractor Foreman.
  • Orcatec.
  • STACK.
  • BuilderSYS.
  • FieldPulse.
  • Candy.
  • Methvin.
  • Contractor WorkZone.
  • YourTradeBase.

Electrical Contractor Apps:

The following is a list of Electrical Contractor Apps:

  • iBend App.
  • ElectroDroid App.
  • mHelpDesk.
  • PlanGrid.
  • Electrical Formulator.
  • Energy Cost Calculator.

Best Free Electricians App:

In today’s modern times, there are many useful applications that have reduced a lot of work for the electrician brothers. According to the BIA’s Local Commerce Monitor, 45.1% of small businesses use mobile apps.

The list of best free electricians app is as follows:

Sr. No. Best Free Electricians App
1. FieldPulse Electrician Software
2. Ugly’s Electrical References
3. Master Electrician Reference
4. Electrician Handy Tool
5. Mobile Electrician Pro
6. Electricians’ Handbook
7. Mike Holt’s Electrical Toolbox
8. Electrical: Circuit Color
9. eTools Lite
10. Electrodoc
11. Contractor Calculator
12. Electrical Calculations LITE
13. Electrical Calc Elite
14. Electrician’s Sidekick
15. Electrician’s Bible
16. Electrical Apps
17. Cable Calculator
18. Energy Cost Calculator
19. QuickBooks Accounting Software

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Four Types of Electricians?

Thus there are different types of working electricians. But we will see about the main four types.

If you are also an electrician and there are four main areas to make a career in your future. You can choose. These titles include outside lineman, inside wireman, installer technician, and residential wireman.

What Are the Three Main Types of Electricians?

There are three levels of certification for electrical workers – these are apprentices, Journeymen, and Master electricians.

Do Electricians Give Free Quotes?

Do any electricians offer free estimates? If you have such a question in your mind, the answer is yes; any electrician gives a free estimate. Most reasonable electricians offer free quotes if your home requires any new electrical work or repair work. To get an accurate and free estimate, do your research and contact a professional electrician near you and share details about your electrical needs.

How Can I Save Money When Hiring an Electrician?

Following are some tips on how you can save money when hiring an electrician:

  • Create or update your circuit directory.
  • Clean the work area and prepare it for the actual electrical work.
  • Define what you want in advance.
  • Supply your own equipment.
  • Find a reputable electrician.

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