Motor Protection Circuit Breaker or MPCB

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about what is MPCB, what is the protection, and its benefits.

The full name of MPCB is the Motor Protection circuit breaker.

MPCB ​​is overused to protect small rated motors. This gives you protection against overload and short curricular like MCB but apart from this MPCB has many other types of protection so let us know about MPCB today.

What is MPCB?

MPCB ​​is a type of electrical circuit breaker whose full name is the Motor Protection circuit breaker. MPCB ​​is designed for low voltage only and can only be used below 1000 volts.

Security from MPCB:

MPCB ​​is a special circuit breaker. Which is designed to protect the motor. If we want to install any type of motor cross circuit breaker then the best inside low voltage tag is MPCB which protects the motor from all kinds of faults.

Overload Protection:

MPCB ​​gives you good overload protection. With the help of this MPCB automatically shuts off and protects the motor if it takes more current than the set amp.

Short circuit protection:

This short circuit protection comes in handy when your supply wire gathers inside. Such as the combination of 2 phases or the combination of phase neutral. This time MPCB trips and provides security.

We also get this protection in MCB but only MPCB can provide special facilities from this.

Unbalance Load:

You will find this feature only in MPCB. Just like in any 1 phase the load is high and in any other phase the load is low, such a time MPCB trip also protects our device.

Phase loss:

This type of protection is extremely necessary for the motor. Since a 3 phase motor sometimes starts working beyond 2 phases by mistake, there is a good chance that the motor winding will burn out. Or if there is 1 phase less power in the motor due to an error, then MPCB trips in such a situation and protects our device.
And thus protects against phase loss.

Advantages of MPCB:

Auxiliary contacts can be made inside the MPCB. This means you can easily put NO or NC blocks inside it and use it anywhere.

In some MPCB, you meet with NO or NC block inside while in others it is set up as per requirement.

An indicator is found in the MPCB. From the animated, we know that it has made an automatic trip or someone has turned it off.

With the help of the test button we get in MPCB we can check whether MPCB is bad or good.

In MPCB we get a switch to adjust the amp with the help of which we can adjust the motor to the desired amp.

Apart from this in MPCB, we get an auto-reset button with the help of which we assume that if there is a trip due to overload at any time, this auto does not turn on until it gets cold. This is very good in terms of security.


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