Silica Gel Breather of Transformer

A silica gel breather is a cylinder-type container. Which is fitted into the conservator tank by the barrel. The temperature of the insulating oil in the transformer rises whenever electrical power enters the transformer.

As a result, the number of oil increases. As the oil level rises, the air inside the oil tank in the conservator will come out. When the supply in the transformer decreases, the amount of oil in the tank of the conservator decreases, and air enters the tank again.

Humidity is naturally present in the air. If this moisture enters the oil in the air transformer, it can cause extensive damage. The most common method of filtering air from moisture is called the silica gel breathing method. The silica gel for the transformer is connected to the conservator tank through a breathing pipe.

Construction of silica gel breather:

Silica gel is part of the respiratory function of the transformer. This is nothing but a tank of silica gel which has benefited the respiratory function of the transformer. Silica gel is a very good absorber of moisture.

The working efficiency of silica gel is very high. It can operate smoothly even in temperatures below -40oC. This silica gel works comfortably in the cold season of -35oC unless a large amount of gel is used.

These people can understand this by the figure shown below.

The working method of silica gel breather:

Silica gel has a very high ability to absorb the crystal moisture in the air.  When this air passes through the crystal, it absorbs the moisture in the air completely. So that Kedum dries inside the air transformer.
Seal cups are used to prevent very small particles from remaining in the air. The oil silica gel in the oil sealing cup acts as a barrier between the crystal and the air when such respiration is not ongoing.
The color of silica gel is usually dark blue. But when it absorbs moisture, its color turns pink. The oil level between the two components of the oil seal changes when there is a difference in the air inside the transformer to the conservator citation.
When the oil level inside the transformer reaches the bottom of the cup, the air moves at full strength. This happens when the oil seal acts in the low-pressure compartment while the oil acts as the main filter, and the dust in the outside air escapes and is thrown away.

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