Submersible Pump | Types of Submersible Pump | Working Principle of Submersible Pump | Applications of Submersible Pump

A submersible is a mechanical device that is used to convert a fluid underground into a low-pressure area into a high-pressure area. Submersible pumps have become very popular nowadays. Such pumps are mostly used by the peasantry. 

Such a pump is lowered into the groundwater. Like other types of pumps, these pumps are also available in many types. Each pump has its own special utility. 

The utility of such a pump is more used in the borewell on the farm and in the municipal water tank. Whenever people think of water distribution, they think of submersibles. Such a system has both submersible advantages and disadvantages.

What Are a Submersible Pump and Its Definition:

Definition: The submersible pump is a type of electric pump. And it is submerged in water. The electric motor is hermetically sealed with the pump which is why it is also called air pressure. Such a pump is designed in such a way that it is completely submerged in water. 

Can design common types of water pumps. In such submersible pumps, the common page is filled with oil. This oil has nothing to do with the liquid substance being pushed by the motor.

Submersible Pump Working Principle:

The working principle of a submersible pump is that it sends water or oil into the ground under the pressure of the rotor. Such a process can also be done by a normal water pump. But in this pump the method of impeller works which takes advantage of the speed attached to the motor and sends the fluid across the ground surface.

The Right Choice of Submersible Pump:

The choice of this pump can be made on a special basis. But to increase the efficiency of our system, it is necessary to select the right submersible pump. The pump is usually selected based on its application.

The choice of an amp can be largely determined by the maximum flow pressure head. The maximum discharge force of the water pump needs to be taken into account.

These pumps are selected based on horsepower and calculated based on mechanical energy. If there is a motor of 1 horsepower. 0.745watt.

Types of Submersible Pumps:

These pumps are classified into two types namely good pump and sump pump. These pumps are mostly used in wells.

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The types of submersible pumps are as follows.

Sr. No. Types of Submersible Pumps
#1. Bladder Pump
#2. Grinder Pump
#3. Deep well Pump
#4. Stainless steel Pump
#5. Down suction Pump
#6. Water cooler Pump
#7. Oil-filled Pump

#1. Bladder Pump: 

This is a contactless pump with a positive display. It is operated by Compressed Air. Thus a stretchy bladder designed with polyethylene is inserted. For material filtering, a display is attached to the bottom of the bladder which can be connected by a check valve. These bladder pumps pump pumps work with air compressors, compressed nitrogen tanks. Pumps the quantity.

#2. Grinder Pump:

These pumps are used for the transport of dirty water. Used for disposal of household wastewater such as bathtubs, toilets, washing machines. Sewage pumps can be used through pipes used up to holding tanks in homes. This pump is used to dispose of the waste properly when the dirty water in the tank reaches a certain level. These pumps can be installed in large yards or basements.

#3. Deep well Pump:

This is a type of submersible such pumps that are mostly used by the municipality. The pump and the motor are connected together and lowered into the water. When a pump starts working its position is completely submerged in water. The use of such pumps is mostly taken in the use of drinking water.

#4. Stainless steel Pump:

Such pumps are made entirely of stainless steel bodies. Such pumps are acid-resistant. This pump is used to frequently push mild acidic water and hot water.

#5. Bottom suction Pump:

Such pumps are commonly used to absorb groundwater in lakes, rivers, and mines. The design of this pump is done in such a way that it can be done with the help of a guide sleeve under the water pump. This pump uses the water at the bottom. A high-quality method is used to keep the motor cool. Such pumps are easy to evaluate and compare with other types of pumps.

#6. Water cooler Pump:

Such pumps are commonly used in small or large cooler households. This is turned on when the whole leaf is submerged in water which works to wet the membranes around the cooler so that the collar provides us with cold air.

#7. Oil-filled Pump:

The inside of such a pump is full of oil. Such pumps are used in irrigation systems, industrial drainage systems as well as in mountainous areas in the eastern part of the water. The motor inside the pump can be cooled by filling it with oil so that the motor does not get hot and heat up. Fitting this is very easy and a process.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps:

  • Its efficiency is very high.
  • Prevents a lot of energy from being wasted.
  • Capable of carrying both liquid and solid.
  • This pump works on a very quiet page underwater.
  • Noise is free.

Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps:

  • These pumps are very expensive which not everyone can afford.
  • Seals are damaged over time between the motor and the pump.
  • Overheating has damaged both the motor and the pump.
  • It doesn’t work everywhere.

The Utility of Submersible Pump:

Submersible pumps are commonly used in everyday life such as drainage, gallery and sewer pumping, water and oil wells, freshwater systems, sewage treatment, well deep well drilling, artificial lift irrigation, fire extinguishers, mines. Etc.

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