Top 7 Solution to Fix Sound but No Picture on TV

Sound but No Picture on TV Problem

Today’s generation is changing, the meaning of TV is becoming important, and everyone has become subject to Smart TV. But sometimes, while watching TV, suddenly, the picture is not visible on the TV screen. But sometimes there is sound but no picture on TV. In such a situation, it is possible that the connection of your TV has become loose.

There are many reasons for such a smart TV so that you can easily solve the problem; Most of these problems can be fixed with simple hacks, while other problems you don’t understand may require you to contact a technician or support. There can be a few reasons why your Smart TV has a black screen, and sometimes, if the TV hears sound but no picture appears, it could be due to a loose HDMI cable on the TV or in your setup box.

If this problem is happening in your Smart TV, then check the connection once. There is sound in Smart TV but no picture TV, so there can be many reasons for this problem. Sometimes a technical problem may occur with Smart TV. This post tells you all the solutions to troubleshoot Smart TV.

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Sound But No Picture on TV

Sound but No Picture on TV

First of all, you check the brightness and picture settings of the TV or not. If it is not set correctly, then set it correctly and check if your tv starts displaying the picture or not. Sometimes your smart tv can’t display the picture due to signal problems. The best way to check this is to switch to any other channel.

Turn on the TV

You need to switch on your TV once and check whether the TV is getting power or not because sometimes TV screen problems can also occur due to a loose connection of the TV cable in the power board. If your TV has sound but no picture, you need to check the power cord as well; sometimes, that can be the problem.

Turn the TV on and Off

Somewhere in all smart TVs, there is sound on the TV, but no picture is visible. Only after this do you have to watch your TV on and off. Restart and reset process is necessary for Smart TV. This is commonly referred to as refreshing or restarting the TV. For this, you have to first plug off the TV from the power board, then wait for some time (at least 10 to 15 minutes). You can then plug in your TV and turn it on to see if the TV screen issue is resolved.

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Check for Loose Connections in the TV

Once the restart process doesn’t fix the screen problem in the TV, you can check for loose connections in the TV. Like you need to check any external connection of the cable box, DVD player, or TV. Sometimes, its loose connection causes the sound to be heard, but no picture is seen on the TV.

You have to check all the cable wires connected to your TV. If there is some problem with the cable wire, then you should think about using a new cable. If the cable gets damaged, you can easily replace it with a new one. TV screen problems can also occur due to breakage or damage to the cable wire.

Check the Backlight on the TV

Check the Backlight on the TV

In smart TVs, images appear on the TV screen only because of the backlight. Smart TV may have a broken backlight or some problem with the backlight, then the picture is not visible on the TV screen, or the TV screen appears black while the sound is well heard on TV. If your TV has a backlight problem, it can be easily fixed. For this, you have to shine a torch on the screen of the running TV; by this, you will see a blurred image on the TV, and it will be understood that the TV has a backlight problem.

When you shine the torch on the screen, a blurred image will appear then you will also hear the sound. If you can control the TV with the remote, then your TV’s mainboard or T-con board is fine. There might be a problem with the LED backlight panel in your TV. So once you check the warranty card of your TV, your TV is still under warranty. Then you can take the help of customer care of the same company as per the model of your TV to fix this issue. If your TV is under warranty, then you do not need to pay extra money.

Check for Troubleshooting in the Power Board

Sometimes screen problems in a TV can also be caused by a faulty power supply in the power board. To troubleshoot this, you must first open the TV. Which part is damaged should be checked. If an electronic component is faulty and you can easily replace it, you can repair the TV. By doing this, the problem with the power board can be fixed.

How to Turn Off Power Saver and Sleep Timer?

Sometimes you turn on power save and sleep mode from TV settings and forget. If the picture does not appear on the TV screen, you need to check the power mode and sleep mode in the TV settings at once. You have to turn off power mode and sleep mode by going to smart TV settings. For this, first, you have to go to the setting of the TV.

Then the power mode icon in Settings, also known as power efficiency mode, has to be turned off. Doing so will ensure that your TV receives enough power for optimal performance. If sleep mode is already turned off in the TV’s settings, the TV may have some other screen problem, or there may be a technical problem that you can’t solve in your own way; you will need a professional technician for this.

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Factory Reset TV

Factory Reset TV

To solve the TV problem, you have to think about factory resetting. For some TVs, you can perform a factory reset with the remote control. So you can factory reset the TV even without the remote.

Factory reset the TV by following the steps below.

  • First of all, take a sharp object (pin).
  • Then find the pinhole on the back of the TV.
  • Later insert the pinhole pin.
  • Press and hold for 60 seconds.

In this way, you can factory reset your TV.

My LG TV Has Sound But No Picture

Sometimes you are watching your smart LG tv comfortably, and the tv turn on but the LG tv sound but no picture. In this case, you have to reset your LG TV once. To reset an LG TV, you must first unplug the TV from the power board. Then wait for 2 minutes. After that, plug in your TV and turn it on and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. This way, your LG TV will be reset, and you will be able to see the TV screen.

My Hisense TV Has Sound But No Picture

Somewhere you are watching your Hisense TV comfortably, and there is sound but no picture while watching TV. In this case, you will need to reset your Hisense TV. To reset a Hisense TV, you must first unplug the TV from the power board. Then wait for a few minutes. After that, plug in your TV and turn it on and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. This way, your Hisense TV will be reset, and you will be able to see the TV screen.

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Samsung TV Troubleshooting No Picture

If your Samsung TV has screen problems. This means you hear sound in Samsung Smart TV, but the screen is getting black then you have to try to solve this problem. For this, you can check the external connection in your Samsung TV. Or you can also do a factory reset on your Samsung TV. Sometimes screen problems on Samsung TVs can be caused by a faulty TV backlight.

Vizio TV Turns on, but No Picture:

It is common for different TV brands to share screen problems. This includes if your Vizio TV turns on, but there is no picture. Then this problem could be caused by a faulty power board. Otherwise, a damaged backlight inverter board could also be causing problems with your Vizio TV. You can troubleshoot backlight problems on a Vizio TV with the help of a flashlight. Similarly, the power supply in a TV sometimes results in sound but no picture. So once you have to check power cycling as well.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do If Your TV Has Sound But No Picture?

Be sure to check the setting on the switch device that can turn the output on or off. If you also can’t see the picture of any species. So replace the cable between your tv and the input device. Use another device with the same input cable. If you get a picture, your input device may be faulty.

Why Is My Element TV Screen Black, but I Can Hear It?

First of all, you unplug the power cord of the tv and leave it there for some time. Hold down the TV’s power button for at least 30 to 50 seconds while it is unplugged. Now release the power button and plug in the cord again. Now turn on the TV using the remote control or manually and check if there is any picture on the screen.

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What Causes the TV Not to Show Pictures?

The most common reason for this to happen is that your TV is on the wrong input. The most common reason is that your TV is on the wrong input. You can usually change the input by pressing the button labeled “Input,” “Source,” or “TV/Video” on your TV remote. Keep pressing the button to cycle through the inputs until you have your picture back.

How Do I Reset My TV When the Screen Is Black?

Unplug the TV from the wall and if possible, remove the power cord from the back of the TV to perform a soft reset. Wait 30 seconds, and plug the TV back into a working outlet to test again.

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You can troubleshoot the screen problem in TV according to the brand of your TV; you have been told about it in the above article. If, after trying all the solutions, the problem is still not resolved, then you should seek the help of a professional technician.


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