Top 10 Solution to Fix Samsung TV Screen Flickering

Samsung TV Screen Flickering

Samsung TV is a brand of TV that is quite popular. But all smart TVs have problems like the flickering of the TV over time. Samsung TV screen flickering can be caused by a number of reasons, including a bug, faulty cable, incorrect settings, or a hardware issue. In this post, we will learn how to stop the flickering of Samsung TVs.

Fix Samsung TV Screen Flickering

If you are also bothered by the problem of screen flickering in Samsung TVs, then you should first turn off the ambient light detection feature on your TV. Then you can also adjust the minimum backlight. Now check that every cable connected to the tv is firmly fixed and not damaged in any way.

Power Cycle Samsung TV

Power Cycle Samsung TV

To fix the screen flickering issue on Samsung Smart TVs, you need to power cycle the TV. To power cycle, the TV needs to be unplugged from the power supply board for a few seconds. After waiting for some time it needs to be plugged back into the power board.

Alternatively, the Samsung TV can also be power cycled. For restart the Samsung TV by pressing the Power button on the TV remote for a few seconds, until the TV restarts.

Check Connected Cables

Check Connected Cables

Open or broken cords connected to Samsung TVs can cause them to flicker. Hence it is required to check all the cables connected to the TV like HDMI cables, and USB cables. If the Samsung TV screen can flicker when connected to a device like the PS5, or Fire TV Stick, then the problem could be with that cable.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the cords may fix this problem. When reconnecting the cable, use force so that the cable is firmly attached. Sometimes the cable might be broken so check it and try connecting the cord using a different HDMI/USB port on the Samsung TV. Or use a different cable.

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Difference Video Source

When the Samsung TV is connected to an outer appliance such as a USB dongle, or a streaming Roku, Fire TV device, the difficulty may lie in the external device. To resolve this issue, try changing the video source.

Update TV Software

Update TV Software

Screen flickering issues on Samsung TVs are usually generated by a software bug. It is essential to update the TV software to the latest version. Samsung TV will update but there can be many reasons why Samsung TV won’t update.

To manually update Samsung TV OS

  • First, go to Settings on the TV.
  • After that go to Support and click on the Software Update option.
  • Now the Update Now icon has to be selected.

While accomplishing this method make sure that the Auto Update option is on the Samsung TV.

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Disable Energy Saver Mode

Disable Energy Saver Mode

There are some advanced settings on Samsung TVs that may be intended to improve TV performance but sometimes cause flickering on the TV. Out of which there is an option of energy saving mode. This setting helps reduce power consumption and automatically adjusts the brightness of the TV. For this, try disabling this mode and see if the flickering of the Samsung TV screen stops.

To disable Energy Saver Mode on Samsung TV

  • First, go to the settings of the TV.
  • Then go to General and select the Eco Solution option.
  • Now select the Energy Saving Mode option and disable it by pressing the Enter button on the remote. When the selection circle next to Power saving mode is selected, it is on.

On many Samsung TVs, the energy-saving mode is also known as Power Saving or Ambient Light Detection.

Change Minimum Backlight

One reason for the screen flickering problem on Samsung TVs is the minimal backlight feature.

To change the minimum backlight on the TV

  • First, go to the settings of the TV.
  • Then go to General and select the Echo Solution option.
  • Now click on Minimum Backlight and adjust the scale to see if the screen flickering is gone.

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Alter Samsung TV Refresh Rate

Running the TV at a higher refresh rate can cause screen flicker. Due to this, it will have to try to run at a low refresh rate.

To change the refresh rate on Samsung TV

  • First, go to the settings of the TV.
  • Then click on the Image option and go to Expert Settings (or Image Options).
  • Now select the Auto Motion icon.
  • In the last, a low refresh rate has to be selected.

Run Self Diagnosis in Samsung TV

Samsung offers a native diagnostic tool for diagnosing TV problems. This diagnostic test must be run for pictures and HDMI.

To run self-diagnosis on Samsung TV

  • First, go to the settings of the TV.
  • After that go to Support and click on Device Care option.
  • Then tap the Self-diagnosis icon.
  • Finally, try running the Picture Text and HDMI troubleshooter.

Start Device Care should also be run to troubleshoot any problems with a Samsung TV.

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Reset Image Settings

The wrong assortment of picture settings in TV also generates screen flickering situations on Samsung Smart TVs. Resetting picture settings is better than changing each location manually. This procedure resets the picture settings to the default settings, thereby correcting problems caused by incorrect settings.

To reset picture settings on Samsung Smart TV

  • First, go to the settings of the TV.
  • Then go to Picture and click on Expert Settings.
  • Then scroll down and click on the Reset picture option.
  • Ultimately, confirm on the next screen.

Factory Reset Samsung TV

Factory Reset Samsung TV

If the screen flickering problem still persists on the Samsung TV, then you must try to factory reset the TV. This procedure will reset the TV to factory settings and all installed apps and data will be erased. It is required to factory reset the TV, sometimes factory reset can fix all the TV problems.

To factory reset your Samsung TV

  • First, go to the settings of the TV.
  • Then go to General.
  • Now tap on the reset option.
  • The security pin has to be entered to reset the TV. It is set to 0000 by default.

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Contact Samsung Support

Contact Samsung Support

If the problem with the TV persists, it may be a hardware issue so it is necessary to contact Samsung Support. They can help you fix your TV. If the TV needs repairing, they also send technicians to help you—no need to pay extra if your TV is under warranty.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Causes Samsung’s Screen Flickering?

Even if your Samsung TV screen is damaged, you may face screen flickering. You can visit your nearest Samsung service center to resolve this issue or book a repair to fix your screen.

Why Is My TV Suddenly Flickering?

If you don’t clean the device properly, dust and debris can always damage your electronic device. Which leads to the problem of screen flickering on televisions. For this, the electrical system in your home can also affect your TV. Even if the voltage in your home is fluctuating, screen flickering can be a problem and sometimes it can lead to a black screen of death.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Flickering TV?

While a typical tv repair can cost anywhere from $50 to $350, screen repair is always an expensive item. According to a survey, the cost of repairing a tv screen can range from $200 to $1,000. Prices vary widely depending on local labor costs, replacement parts, diagnostic and transportation fees, and the type of TV.

Can HDMI Cable Cause Flickering?

f your TV screen is also flickering, check that the HDMI cable connected to the TV is firmly connected. If it is, it may cause the TV to misinterpret some of the signals that the control center sends through the HDMI cable and result in screen flashing.

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All Smart TVs have a flickering problem over time. Samsung TV screen flickering can be caused by a number of reasons, including a bug, faulty cable, incorrect settings, or a hardware issue. Above in this post, we have given all the information in detail that how to stop the flickering of Samsung TVs.


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