Blink Camera Not Recording | Here’s How to Fix It!

Blink Camera Not Recording

Blink in camera is an option used to turn on or off motion recording of the camera device. All cameras have a blink option for motion recording according to their different camera models. But sometimes the blink motion record in the camera does not start suddenly than many things can be responsible for it. Blink The camera feature is disabled when the camera is not recording. And the camera does not record the speed.

One of the reasons why my Blink’s camera is not recording could be WiFi. The camera is disconnected from Wi-Fi, and the power-saving feature cannot detect camera movement. If the blink system doesn’t work with your own camera, you’ll also need to check the configured activity and private areas. If the problem with the camera persists, then you will need to reset the next step. For this, you have to turn on WiFi and reset the camera and sync the module.

If you are also bothered by BlinkCamera’s motion detection problem, check if motion detection is on and if Blink Camera is equipped or not. Then check the misconfigured activity and private zone. Apart from this, you can also check for wifi and IR issues. If the problem still persists, power cycle your WiFi and reset the camera and sync module.

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Blink Camera Not Recording Motion:

Blink Camera Not Recording Motion

Here you have been told the easiest way to detect motion in the blinking camera, and that is you have to see whether the detection is enabled in the blink camera setting or not. All other settings must have motion zones enabled, and incorrect IR settings may cause the camera not to record. In Blink cameras, you can manually turn motion detection on and off.

Steps to enable motion detection –

  • First of all, you have to go to the camera setting.
  • And then choose Motion Detection.
  • Now you have to enable it.

In this way, you can turn on motion detection in the blinking camera.

Blink Camera Armed but Not Recording:

If you have a new camera or whenever you use the camera for the first time, the default position in the camera settings is disarmed. By default, the setting in the blinking camera is on, and then it is able to detect the motion of the current event. And the camera starts recording. Blink camera can detect motion whenever the setting is on

To arm the blinking camera-

  • First, go to the blink camera view.
  • After that, tap on the screen from off (disarmed) to on (armed).
  • And click on Running Man.
  • Motion Detection is now enabled in Garage Camera Settings.

The Blue and Brown Running Man sign in the process. If the running man sign is gray, motion detection is off. And if it’s blue, then motion detection is on.

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How to Check for Misconfigured Activity Zones?

The cool thing about Blink Camera is that when you don’t want motion detection, you can use the option to mask all those areas and keep them turned off. Whatever images or photos are blurred due to misconfigured activity in the blinking camera. So you need to check how the motion zone is set in the Blink camera in the Blink home monitoring app.

Because if the wrong activity is set in the camera, then it will not work properly. You can also reset the App Zone if you have any problems with the system configured in Blink Camera. By doing this, the camera will work to tell the speed correctly.

To reset the app zone in the blinking camera –

  • First, open the camera setting.
  • Then open Activity Zone.
  • And press the reset button.
  • The App Zone will be reset on your Blink camera.

How to Check for Misconfigured Privacy Zones?

A zone has also been given to keep privacy in the blinking camera, in which you can keep the scene captured in the camera privacy. You need to check that privacy is not an invalid field in the blinking camera. Just like you checked your activity area before.

To check for a misconfigured privacy zone –

  • You have to go to the blink camera setting.
  • Then have to go to the privacy zone.
  • And you have to select Reset Privacy Zone.

It is important to note that the privacy feature in Blink cameras is only available for doorbells and video doorbells in outdoor cameras. This problem is detected when a gray light comes on in the privacy area.

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Internet Issues on Blink:

Internet Issues on Blink

Blink Camera requires internet to work. And for a blink camera, you need wifi because a blink camera requires more internet than a browser on the phone. The internet speed or signal strength must be high for the camera to work properly. If the WiFi signal is not available or weak, then the live view in the blinking camera gets affected.

Whenever you connect the blinking camera to Wi-Fi, it comes with three bars. The WiFi capability needs to be increased for the camera to work well. The best and easiest way is to bring your blink camera near the router. This will increase the power of the internet, and the blinking camera will be able to work properly.

You should look for an affordable WiFi package that will provide a strong WiFi network to the Blink camera. In this, too, if you have a mesh WiFi system, then it is even better. The frequency of the WiFi signal in Blink Camera should be 2.4 GHz.

By the way, many routers have two frequency bands. 2.4 GHz and one 5 GHz signal are available. You need a 5 GHz signal for your smart device, phone, or computer to work. And Blink cameras require a 2.4 GHz signal to function properly. It has many advantages. 2.4 GHz also works well over long distances.

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Infrared (IR) Problem with Blink Camera:

Infrared (Ir) Problem with Blink Camera

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Blink Camera has PIR sensor technology for motion detection. You can detect blink camera motion by feeling the heat coming out of anything. But there is also some drawback to this. Blink cameras do not work through glass. If you want to detect something from the window, you can’t do that. You have to blink the camera from the outside window. You can’t detect motion by blinking the camera through the glass while you’re indoors.

You can detect movement around you by placing blink cameras outside your home. But keep in mind that the blinking camera should not be directed towards the sun, and it should not be tilted downwards. Because the light coming from the sun cannot detect the motion in the camera. So PIR-based cameras are better than simple cameras for motion detection.

If you want to see who is coming or going to your house, then you can install a blink camera on the door. Do not place the Blink camera on the top of the door, but fix it somewhere on the side of the door. Always keep in mind that remove the sticker on the sensor in the camera because sometimes it can cause motion detection problems in the camera.

Blink Camera Night Motion Detection Problem:

If motion detection problems with blink cameras only occur at night, it may be due to a night vision problem with the infrared (IR) setting. For this, you have to check whether the IR setting in the blinking camera is on or off.

To Enable IR Settings in Blink Camera –

  • You have to go to the blink camera setting.
  • After this, go to night vision mode.
  • And this mode has to be turned on, and you can also keep it in auto mode.

Please keep the night vision mode auto.

To Change IR Intensity to High:

If your problem persists even after turning the night vision mode on or auto, then you have to give more light to the IR in the blinking camera. Hence the use of IR flood light in blink cameras helps in motion detection at night. We can’t see IR floodlights easily with our eyes, so it helps you detect motion in the dark and gives you the darkness you need.

Sensitivity Settings in Blink Camera:

Blink cameras need a sensitivity tweak to block out pet noise. You can set the sensitivity in the blinking camera from a lower value to a higher value. You need to see that the blink is not set to low sensitivity in the camera because if the sensitivity is set to low, it will not work properly. And You can use this setting in areas of low activity.

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Check Blink Camera Max Range:

Check Blink Camera Max Range

Sometimes the motion detection range in blink cameras can be very high. Blink camera has a high-speed detection capability of 20 feet. Wherever you want to detect motion, the Blink camera is limited to only 20 feet. Blink cameras are capable of detecting motion within a range of 5 and 20 feet, and they do a great job. From this, you must have understood that Blink cameras cannot detect motion very close or up to 20 feet away.

Blink Camera Stopped Recording:

Sometimes Blink Camera doesn’t record anything. The camera does not record or blink for motion detection of any kind. Only then may there be a problem in storing data in the camera, and You will need a subscription plan to record photos and videos with the Blink camera. Though it is free for one month on a first-month trial basis later, you have to pay for recording data in the blinking camera.

You can also use it in Blink cameras by connecting a USB flash drive to the sync model. But the USB flash drive is only available in Sync model two for now, and the original Sync module is not available. First of all, you have to check if the subscription is there in the USB flash drive or not, and if the subscription is live, then you can easily record any event in the blinking camera.

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Reset the Camera and Sync Module:

Reset is an easy and good option to solve most problems in any device. For this, you can restart or reset the router by plugging out the router from the power board and plugging it back in. Some Blink cameras come with batteries, so you can check for battery power and troubleshoot.

Sometimes the camera may not detect motion because the device firmware is not up to date. To reset the Blink Camera and Sync models, you will need to toggle them on and off. This will reset the Blink camera and clear errors and unwanted data from it. You need to know that if you reset the camera and if there are scratches, it is very important to reconfigure them.

Resetting a blink camera is very easy. This camera has a reset button, all you have to do is press it, and your blink camera will be reset. Also, the reset button on the Blink Mini camera is on the bottom, while the reset button on the outdoor and indoor Blink cameras is on the back.

You have to press and hold the reset button on the camera until the red or blue light on the blinking camera flashes. The camera takes a few seconds to reset, but after the reset process is complete, the camera works fine. After this, you will need to reconnect the Blink camera to the home system.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Blink Camera to Record Motion?

How to use motion detection in your camera To receive motion detection notifications, your camera must be equipped with a blink system. Whenever you first set the blink system, it is disarmed by default.

Why Are Some of My Blink Cameras Not Working?

You can easily see error messages like Camera Busy or “Thumbnail Failed” when one of your Blink cameras is not responding at all. These messages may occur if your sync module cannot communicate with the camera at all. Running a network scan using RouteThis helps our agents evaluate your wireless network.

Does Blink Record Motion Without a Subscription?

Blink Camera offers motion-activated notifications and limited live viewing without a Blink subscription. If you want video recording, sharing, and better camera performance, you need a plan.

How Do I Know If My Blink Camera Is Recording?

All types of Blink cameras available in the market include a blue LED light, which illuminates when the camera is recording. However, you can turn off this blue light manually in all types of cameras. So if you need to check if it’s recording, ensure the Status LED is set to Recording.

How Do I Refresh My Blink Camera?

You can use a small object or fingernail to press the reset button. This reset button has to be pressed for at least 10 to 15 seconds. You will see a red flash, and then after 15 seconds, a blinking blue light and a solid green light will appear on the front of the sync module. The sync module is ready to be added via the Blink app.

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There can be many reasons or problems for the blinking camera not detecting motion. You have to see and understand all the problems very well; we have solved many problems in this article. Which you can use. Before thinking that your Blink camera is bad, read this article. It just might solve your problem. If your camera gets damaged and it’s still under warranty, you can get it replaced. One year warranty is applicable on any camera.


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