Difference Between Circuit Breaker and Isolator


Hi friends, in today’s article we will see what is the difference between an isolator and a circuit breaker. So let’s get information about the on-load device and off-load device.

What Are Circuit Breaker and Isolator?

Both the circuit breaker and the isolator are used to turn the electrical device on and off. This means that both act as one type of switch. Apart from this, the isolator is called an offload device. And the circuit breaker is called an on-load device.

The isolator is called an off-loading device because it can only be operated under closed load. This means that the isolator cannot be closed in any current condition. If you read Isolator’s user manual carefully, you will find that it is not to be used in the power-on condition.

When the circuit breaker does not have such a problem, it can be operated even in the current power condition. For example, the MCB in our house is a type of circuit breaker on load. It can be turned on or off at any time. The isolator is an off-loading device as it only operates when the device is off.

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Difference Between Circuit breaker and Isolator:

The isolator is an offload device while the circuit breaker is an on load device. Isolators can only be operated manually. This means that if you want to operate an isolator, you have to go to it. While the circuit breaker comes in two types, manual and automatic.

Examples of circuit breakers are MCB, ACB MCCB, etc. while G.O used inside the substation inside the isolator is included. The main function of an isolator is to separate any of our devices from electrical power. While the main function of a circuit breaker is to protect our equipment from electrical faults.

The isolator does not open manually in the event of any electrical fault. In any such situation, the circuit breaker trips and provides protection to the equipment. An isolator is a mechanical switch that does not provide any kind of protection to an electrical appliance. As the circuit breaker is an electrical switch, it prevents the equipment from being damaged during such a time trip.

Circuit breakers cost more than isolators.

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